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    Perhaps the problem was that the only people who turned up to view the groups were the creative team. Client "couldn't make it"? Seriously, the issue for many is that they listen out for what they want to hear. The rest is just so much noise

    Lina -

    It's an interesting issue. Should the client put up a 'two fingered salute' to research or not, especially when highly successful examples of those which do just that, continue to exist and thrive, e.g. Apple? Do consumers really know what they want or does the client know better? It's an interesting irony that the Rover eventually went the way of the Homer Simpson Bubblecar, (and firing its 700 UK marketing executives).


    Thanks for comment Lina. A difficult one. Apple are a pioneering, clearly differentiated brand and have gained such 'loyalty beyond reason' they can't seem to do wrong (for the moment). So why research indeed? Rover however, seemed to have the opposite to Apple and needed to research; but (by all accounts, they didn't listen. But how long will it be till the Apple bubble bursts? Perhaps sooner or later, they'll being buying research like the rest of them!

    Lina -

    It certainly is an odd one. Having worked inside Apple, their whole attitude is focused on market sales data, sales of competitors' products (collected from Gartner) and comparing it against their own sales data, believing they know better than their consumers. Certainly when the netbook rush happend, they stood back and waited to see how competitors' consumers took to it before doing anything. But, as you say, how long is this luck going to run for?

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