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    Where was it before that? Somewhere else in Borough?


    Good question, YooHoo. It is all a little fascinating. We THINK the original Borough market was very near present site, near south end of London Bridge. But it also probably moved around a bit, as this area was associated with a lot of 'trouble'.

    History of B Mkt and L Bridge involves many interesting characters, including Trevor Beattie's favourite medieval monarch, King Cnut ...

    "The market moved from its nearby original location (on a long-since vanished bridge built by King Canute) to the current site in 1756"

    "Romans built the original ‘London bridge’ (which) was excavated not long ago and found to be not far from the modern day London Bridge. On the north side of the bridge the Romans formed a settlement called Londinium. A consequence of building low bridges across rivers is that boats can no longer pass freely. This turned Londinium into an important trading location. Boats were forced to unload and sell their wares"

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