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    i think with a logo like this, you have to ask: where were the planners?

    100 years of branding has told us brands fill a role for consumers and provide an identity/community to be associated with.

    Lisa Simpson lovers will adopt this in a heartbeat. Graphic designers may enjoy its simplicity and angles. The Olympic Committee must see something in it too.

    My question is, what does it mean to the Olympians that exist (should have gotten some insight there) and to the athletes that want to be a part of this legendary event?

    nothing about the logo says legendary or heritage or competition. maybe 2012 will be more jazzed up; like sit back watch some people run around, listen to smooth jazz and enjoy raising awareness for breast cancer with our fabulous new fuschia color.


    I have seen the fuschia - and it's pink


    good points, Erin

    they are basic questions, aren't they? what do the various stakeholders have to say about the logo that represents their event (our event)?

    were the stakeholders consulted?

    and yes, where are the planners when you need them?

    and if the strategy is inclusiveness and if Britain won the bid on the basis of the (inspired) idea of invoking children in the UK and all over the world ... who owns the logo?

    or did the Brand Consultants say 'we know best', like the latterday medieval alchemists they are?

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