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    July 06, 2007


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    Chris Corrigan

    Kevin...within the Art of Hosting community of practice, we use aikido as a formal practice and as a metaphor for conversational practice. When my mate Toke Moeller is teaching, we will do an hour of aikido and some sword practice in the mornings. It is good training on a number of levels, and I'd be delighted to share more with you via Skype, and explore this stuff more deeply.


    Chris, that would be very generous, I really appreciate the offer. I don't have a Skype adress, but Tania does and we just hooked up our webcam so maybe we could talk about this.

    We are interested at WM, as you know, in exploring the 'real' or 'hidden' or 'less talked about in marketing circles' conversations that people have about brands.

    Will find out our Skype addy and get back to you.

    Thanks again, hope everyone is thriving on the island.

    Coach Handbags

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