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    March 02, 2007


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    I like transformation but mainly because I like new language that resolves inadequacy with existing language.

    I should explain that my issue is not with qualitative research though, in a sense it got caught in the cross fire - think of it as polemic collateral damage.

    I had just finished being involved with a pre-test (of packaging rather than advertising as it happens) and I was dismayed that yet again we were seeing a distorted sample since the fieldwork hadn't progressed as planned and percentages on cells with less than 100 - the same old same old. And of course all the questions were quantifying attitude and emotion and reporting on claimed likely behaviour. And we have the temerity to call this research?

    That is my beef with 'sham' quantitative research.


    I really have to respond to this on my own blog - perhaps Richard should talk about good and bad research and not set up qualitative and quantitative as short hand in the absence of an informed view on both.


    Annette, do link us to your blog.


    Hi Kevin I forgot the http I think - done!

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